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If you need further information or would like to make a purchase, please write to my 

office at the following address: janmatthiesen(at)



Our furniture is available for rent to all prop stylists and photographers architects any many more. 

Ask us for more information. We do not currently offer rentals for stage productions or corporate events.




All sales are final. Since all pieces are vintage, with some expected wear, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on any item. 

We do our best to accurately represent each item and are more than happy to provide you with as much 

information as possible before your purchase.

The deadline for a complaint by the customer to WORKUNDERGROUND regarding defects that the customer discovers during his inspection is a maximum of thirty (30) days from delivery of the delivery to the customer. As soon as the customer has informed JANMATTIEHSEN of a defect, JANMATTIEHSEN  is obliged to pass this information on to the PARTNER immediately.

We do not ship all items without proper and secure packaging. Please take a photo of your package from the outside and inside just before it was brought in by the shipping company. For example, we can request compensation from our insurance partner. In this case, the images serve as proof that we have complied with our packaging specifications and are therefore not liable for any damage. Please note that you are liable for damage to an item that has not been properly documented in the event of damage after delivery, in particular when shipping items with a value of more than EUR 3,000, we strongly advise you to photograph the packaging. We try to use packaging materials consciously and sustainably in order to reduce waste and keep the environmental impact as low as possible. For more information, please contact workundergroung(at)



For shipping quotes on items going local delivery and international location, please 

contact us and we can guide you through your shipping options. 

We use a fully-insured white glove shipping service for the majority of our long distance shipping. 

After your order is picked up from our showroom, deliveries will take approximately 2-3 weeks. 

For smaller items, we pack them ourselves and ship them via DHL Premium. 

All shipping orders will have a tracking number.

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